Kaffe Bueno ® Coffee Oil [Recycled Coffee Oil]

Kaffe Bueno ® Coffee Oil  combines all the benefits of  the volatile compounds coffee essential oil, with all the nutrients inside its lipid fraction.

It is obtained through a Supercritical CO2 extraction from lightly roasted Spent Coffee Grounds (SCG) that Kaffe Bueno collects from selected cafés in Copenhagen.

This carrier coffee oil contains a high content of essential fatty acids (mainly linoleic acid and palmitic acid) and chlorogenic acids; promoting excellent moisture retention and rapid skin penetration. Plus, its content of alkaloids (trigonelline and caffeine) and higher average non-saponifiable matter (sterols, Vitamin E, Diterpens (cafestol, kahweol)) than other vegetable oils stimulate microcirculation of blood; counteracting cellulite and stretch marks.

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Kaffe Bueno Recycled Coffee Oil


Kaffe Bueno ® Coffee Oil [Recycled Coffee Oil] Skin Benefits:


–  High Antioxidative activity – shown to improve fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and overall appearance.


–  Increases collagen and elastin production – protects against loss of moisture.


–  Diminishes UVB irritation induced photoaging.


–  UV Protection.


–  Cellulite reduction – cafestol and kahweol are natural cholesterol analogs that prolong a blockade of exogenous fat influx.


–  Skin firming – caffeine enhances lipolysis and microcirculation of blood.


–  General skin conditioning


Bueno Coffee Extract: Health and Wellness Benefits 

Great for people suffering from anxiety, tense muscles, respiratory conditions, depression, inflammatory conditions, stomach issues, cold cough, flu, low metabolism, lack of appetite and allergies. Even people with high risk of liver cancer.


–  Aromatherapy: it improves your psychological and physical well-being. Deodorise rooms and invigorate the body. Try a massage with it.


–  Increases appetite: the fragrance of this oil stimulates your body’s limbic system, which in turn stimulates feeling of hunger. Good for people recovering from extended illness, surgery or eating disorders or malnutrition.


–  Antidepressant: stimulates central nervous system by elevating serotonin and dopamine. It reduces stress, improves mood and prevents depression for many people thanks to the oil’s relaxing properties. By diffusing this rich and prosperous aroma throughout your home or office you can provide a general feeling of peacefulness and calmness.


–  Respiratory Aid: can help clear blocked nasal passages, as well as help soothe inflammation in respiratory tracts and prevent infections in this part of the body.


–  Aid to fight nausea


–  Natural therapy for bug stings: thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, Kaffe Bueno ® [Recycled Coffea Arabica] Oil can reduce swelling and pain caused by bug stings.