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Faces of Kaffe Bueno: Juan

By Kaffe Bueno, June 14, 2017

Welcome to the 2nd edition of Faces of Kaffe Bueno; where we introduce you to the guys behind the brand changing the way people experience their everyday coffee. This one is on Juan. Without more preambles, here’s his story.

Kaffe Bueno Co Founder, Juan Medina



Name: Juan Medina

From: Barranquilla, Colombia

Favorite Brewing method: Aeropress

Favorite KB coffee: Kaffe de Los Kankuamo


When did your interest in coffee begin and how did this lead to KB?

During my teenage years, I saw my father drinking coffee every morning and then again after lunch. It was like a ritual for him. When I asked him about it he told me that it was energy booster. I always tasted it, but I initially thought it was disgusting.


That all changed after I began university and really needed a booster to make it through long days (and not from those horrible caffeinated energy drinks). So, I decided to give coffee a second chance, adopting my father’s daily ritual – a double espresso first thing in the morning and again a after lunch.


This ritual was key to surviving my university years and, served as my real introduction to drinking coffee. While studying in London, the specialty coffee scene started to grow. Naturally, it peaked my interest and I began trying out new coffees, transforming my coffee drinking into a pleasure rather than a mere caffeine boost. Coffee was now not only necessary for my mind but also for my soul.


Today I really enjoy a good cup coffee, and I’m continuously amazed by the huge variety of coffees out there and the ever rising quality of coffees. I’m especially proud of the high quality coffee from my beloved Colombia, which of course we [Kaffe Bueno] had to show the world. And so we began connecting with Colombian growers and seeing firsthand where and how the highest quality coffee was produced.


Kaffe Bueno makes Direct Trade with organic specialty coffee farmer in Colombia


Why Kaffe Bueno?: What does KB do differently than other responsible coffee companies in Scandinavia?

While the majority of coffee companies in Scandinavia focus only on quality, KB goes further and dives deep into the story, the faces and places behind every coffee. We’re also really interested in what happens after you consume that cup of coffee. Currently, we’re working on an interesting Spent Coffee Grounds (SCG) project, which we plan to implement next semester. Our aim is to create shared value at every point of our supply chain. I don’t think there are many companies so concerned with what happens before and after you consume your cup of coffee as Kaffe Bueno is. We strive to address this while simultaneously upholding our excellent quality.

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What is most important thing you’ve learned through the process of starting KB?

Starting a business is not easy. On those hard days when you get overwhelmed and want to quit, you just have to take a step back, and remember why you are doing what you do. Making a real and strong positive impact is what made us start KB and what makes us work harder and harder everyday to make this change. This is the most important thing I have learned: To all you entrepreneurs or wanna be entrepreneurs out there, find a social or environmental problem, that you are really passionate for and find a way to solve it.  Nowadays nothing is impossible, literally you just have to imagine it and more importantly be determined to do it. It’s more fun to help society than to make a business only driven by profits…and it’s even more fun if you can do both!


Share one fact you think everyone should know about the coffee world.

If a coffee is roasted darker or has a stronger taste, that doesn’t mean it has more caffeine than a lighter roast. Ultimately this determination all comes down to how you measure the amount of beans you will use, (darker roasted beans are less dense than lighter ones).


Which KB coffee would you recommend and why/where can you get it? –link to its page in the shop

250g bag of Organic specialty coffee from Colombia from Kaffe Bueno, Kaffe de Los Kankuamo. Espresso roast in Copenhagen


For me there is no better way to start the day, than with an espresso lungo made from Kaffe de Los Kankuamo… It’s a very balanced espresso that wakes up all the senses early in the morning. Its tart, fruit acidity and dark cocoa taste make it the perfect coffee to start your day. But don’t take my word for it. Try it yourself.






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