Kaffe Bueno team cupping organic specialty coffees in Colombia

Faces of Kaffe Bueno: Camilo

By Kaffe Bueno, June 21, 2017

Here’s the last of our 3 post series introducing the Faces of Kaffe Bueno. This time introducing Camilo.

Camilo Fernandez, Kaffe Bueno Co Founder


Name: Camilo Fernandez


From: Barranquilla, Atlantico, Colombia


Favourite Brewing Method: V60


Favourite Kaffe Bueno coffee: Kaffe de Willington


When did your interest in coffee begin and how did this lead to KB?

As a kid I always heard about the great coffee from our country and how it was becoming strong in the international markets. Nevertheless, I did not drink coffee because back then (and even now) good quality coffee is not something the population drank on a daily basis.


International markets pay better prices for quality coffee produced in Colombia, it made sense that over 90% of it was exported and few coffee bags remained in the domestic market. Even if we take this into account, for all the hard work and dedication they put to their coffee, producers are still being marginalised and exploited.


In London I met many Scandinavian friends. We enjoyed many cups of coffee a day, but I noticed they were drinking bad coffee. So we decided to bring some delicious coffee from Colombia and they loved it.


This was the first step of this journey where I fell in love with coffee and all that surrounds it.


Yiver Vargas, Kaffe Bueno farmer stands next to Camilo from Kaffe Bueno


Why Kaffe Bueno?: What does KB do differently than other responsible coffee companies in Scandinavia?

Kaffe Bueno is not just any other coffee company in Scandinavia.

We have strong relationship with farmers, and we are all from Colombia. This motivates us to give back to the farmers however we can. We do not want to just pay them a fair price; we know we can do more. Making actual direct trade with them allows us to tackle their specific needs: education, infrastructure, machinery and more.


Scandinavia enables us to reach our goals in a better way because we share the same values: sustainability, gender equality, social justice and, last but not least, we share the deep love for coffee. It opened a possibility for us to reach a full circular economy surrounding coffee.


We want to create a community where customers connect to our brand in a way they feel connected to farmers and every step in our process, including reutilization of waste. Instead of throwing it away, we plan to take it back and give it innovative uses to create economical value and contribute to social & environmental initiatives in Denmark and Colombia.



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Camilo from Kaffe Bueno cupping organic specialty coffee in Colombia


What is most important thing you’ve learned through the process of starting KB?

There are many things I have learned, from the production side all the way to the last sip of the cup, from how little the farmers are supported, to how little the world knows about their conditions and, most importantly to do things the right way.

If I have to pick one: it is how important is to do things the right way and that the more love and passion you put into it the more you will thrive as an individual and as a brand.



Share one fact you think everyone should know about the coffee world.

Let us prevent coffee from coming to an end.


Climate change (damaging rainfalls, rising temperatures, etc.) will knockout 50% of the land suitable for production by 2050 and coffee may even go extinct by 2080. So if we wish that our grandchildren have the possibility to enjoy a cup of coffee, lets avoid this apocalyptic future from happening.



Which KB coffee would you recommend and why/where can you get it? 

250g bag of Kaffe de Willington - Organic coffee from Tolima, Colombia. Roasted in Copenhagen by Kaffe Bueno




I would say Kaffe de Willington for its delicious complexity in cup. Try it out!






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