• How and where do Kaffe Bueno beans get roasted?

  • We roast our coffee by demand, this way we can guarantee you get fresh coffee every time.


    Our coffee is roasted in Copenhagen by Nordhavn Coffee Roasters.


    At Kaffe Bueno we treat coffee with the love and respect it deserves. Therefore, each coffee is roasted differently in order to highlight individual profile features in each of them.


    In general terms, we usually go for a medium-light roast due to the different compounds and flavour notes that one can hit through this roasting style.

  • I've made an order. When will I receive my package?

  • Since we roast on Fridays and give the coffee the weekend to go through the degassing process, you can get it on Monday.


    If for example you made an order on a Tuesday you might be able to get it the next day if we have some extra roasted. Otherwise, you’d have to wait until next Monday when more fresh coffee comes out of the roastery!


    We prioritise freshness and quality 🙂


  • What brewing method should I use to brew my coffee?

  • Every coffee is like a fingerprint, unique. And how you brew it will widely change the result you get in your cup.


    We’ve made a Bueno Brew Guide, so you don’t go “blind-brewing”.


    The best way to know what brewing method you should use for each coffee is by experimenting until you find what YOU like the most. At the end of the day it is YOU that will be drinking it.



  • I don't have all the brewing tools to experiment with, but would like to get one to start. Which one should I get?

  • In our Bueno Brew Guide we’ve made some articles that anticipate what you’ll get out of different brewing methods. Check it out!


  • I have a common filter coffee machine at my home/office. Which Kaffe Bueno should I get?

  • We recommend Kaffe de Yiver and Kaffe de Willington for filter.

  • Can I get Kaffe Bueno somewhere else than online?

  • Yes, you can get it at KPH Projekthus café on Enghavevej 80C, 3rd floor, Copenhagen.


    Also, you can get it for your office, click here

  • I'm tired of the coffee at my office. Can I get special prices if I buy over a kilo?

  • Absolutely. Just fill in this FORM.